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Complete Log Home Packages - Concept to Completion

Wild River Log Homes offers a very complete and affordable log home package including items such as high efficient windows, cabinetry, fireplaces, raised panel interior doors, real stone and more.  Along with the complete package, your plans are drawn to meet the local codes where you are building. We will work closely with the local building official for your area to make sure everything for your project meets local and state requirements.  Snow loads, wind shear and energy codes are a few of the items that can vary from region to region.  Unlike a non-regional log home company, chances are we have built near or in your area and already are familiar with local codes and permit processes.


Dried-In Shells

Along with our turnkey log home package and builder service, we also offer shell only packages in both full log or half log options.  If you want something more or less in a package that is fine with us. Need more than a shell but not quite a turnkey package? No problem, we are flexible in what we supply and will work with you to make sure you get what you want and need.


Log Only Packages

We also supply just log materials and log components such as log railings, beams, posts and log stairs. We work with many log home enthusiasts that only need rustic half log or full log for new construction or remodeling and addition projects.  We can do custom log sizes for your project. Need some log products for your project? Not in Minnesota or Wisconsin? No problem, we can ship to your job site and have shipped all over the U.S.

Deciphering log home packages and what they do and don’t include can get confusing. It is easy to get caught up spending time on just the log package and almost forget about the build costs that will need to be part of the budget.  We will go through your log package with you so you understand what you are getting from Wild River Log Homes and what the builder will be supplying to complete your project. 


How much does it cost to build a log home or log cabin?

We get asked that question a lot and it is a tough one to answer. The log home package is only part of the equation and it is easy to focus just on package price and what is or isn’t included. Location, site conditions, roof lines, plan details, labor and mechanicals all are part of the overall cost. Other items that impact costs are what you put into the home for options. Granite countertops, tile showers, high end flooring and other selections all have bearings on the final cost. We have built smaller homes that had higher square footage costs than larger homes due to homeowner upgrades. But, a broad answer is going to be somewhere between $185.00 to $200.00 per square foot. That is using square footage of main floor and loft combined. When figuring log home budgets permits, driveway length, utilities, well and septic. I explain more in a blog entry I wrote earlier on how much do log homes cost to build.

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