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Log Styles and Corner Options

We offer many log profiles to choose from in both full log and half log.  Along with several log profiles, there are several log corner styles to choose from as well. Our butt and pass, partial cope and saddle notch corners are available for both full log and half log construction options.


Log Finishes

Rustic-Hewn: A machine peeled finish that provides a hand peeled appearance without a repeated pattern effect.

Hand Peeled:  Our craftsmen use traditional drawknives for the look and feel of authenticity.

We offer kiln-dried TRUE HALF-LOG SIDING in a variety of sizes and in your choice of rustic-hewn or hand peeled styles. Our standard stack heights are 7", 8",10" and 12”. Custom log sizes are available. Each piece of rustic half log siding is cut from a full log at our mill. We do not use cants, which are square beams forced through a shaper to achieve a machine round face.  Our product maintains the character, integrity and natural contours of the log. When used in combination with conventional construction, the result is a traditional full-log home look at a reasonable price. Keep in mind that our rustic peels are also available on our full logs.


Log Measurements

Using strict standard sizing, we cut, kiln-dry and then re-size our log home products to achieve consistency without sacrificing the natural look of the exposed face. Our 8" product will have an exact 8" stack height. Even though the industry allows other companies to vary their stack height by +/- 1/2", we believe accurate measurements are key to beautiful buildings. Our product looks good to you and your log home looks great to everyone that comes by for a visit.


Save On Heating and Cooling Bills

TRUE HALF-LOG SIDING enhances the weather-tight qualities of the construction of your new home. Since our four to six inch thick siding is installed over a conventionally framed insulated shell, it creates an impervious barrier between your living area and the wind, rain, snow, cold and heat.

R-values soar when insulated TRUE HALF-LOG SIDING is applied to the exterior of a typical wall. Combine exterior log walls with the corresponding interior log walls and you create a home that is very economical to heat and cool.

Kiln-dried TRUE HALF-LOG SIDING is a natural finish for your home or building. It provides the look and feel of full-log construction at an affordable cost. You can save time and money using TRUE HALF-LOG SIDING on your next home or on an existing home or cabin as a remodeling project.


For more information on the true half log siding and full logs that we use for construction feel free to visit the website for Stevens Point Log Homes when you get time.

Log Corners


butt and pass corner


partical coped log corner


saddle notch log corner


Vertical log corner



Butt and Pass Corner

Partial Cope Corner

Saddle Notch Corner

Vertical Log Corner

Vertical Square Corner

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